Thursday, April 20, 2006

baby names and google


apparently it is all that to name your kid funky names. gwyneth paltrow and apple, the new cruise kid suri, grier from brooke shields. and who ever heard of pilot inspektor for a kids name.

ok but although according to freakonomics your name has no impact on your life, in google suggest this is not the case. Try it and see what your "Google Suggest Number" is...

apparently there is even a google suggest alphabet, which on launch day was:

a: amazon
b: best buy
c: cnn
d: dictionary
e: ebay
f: firefox
g: games
h: hotmail
i: ikea
j: jokes
k: kazaa
l: lyrics
m: mapquest
n: news
o: online dictionary
p: paris hilton
q: quotes
r: recipes
s: spybot
t: tara reid
u: ups
v: verizon
w: weather
x: xbox
y: yahoo
z: zip codes

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medstudentitis said...

Hey John,
I was just reading your journal (linked to from the blog that ate manhattan because I thought your grocery store comment was hillarious)and now I'm addicted to google suggest, thanks a lot!

Kate (