Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ACED it!

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The patient's chief complaint: ankle pain.

Patient was seen here one week ago and ran out of ACE bandages. Patient walked to the ED in 30 degree weather in the middle of the night in the icy cold, winter, to obtain ACE Bandages, risking slipping on cold icy sidewalks to do so. Patient is WEARING a perfectly good ACE bandage.

When patient is asked if they would like the ACE bandage applied by the doctor, patient states, no thanks, I will just take that and go... It was too expensive up at the pharmacy.

When questioned by the doctor if the patient went to their followup visit at the ortho clinic, patient states, I was never told to go there....

Net cost to taxpayer: 400 plus dollars for ED visit for ACE bandage which was also available free of charge at orthopedic follow up clinic.

Net cost to patient: nothing but a stern lecture in the middle of the night.

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S. said...

Sounds familiar. Life--and taxes--aren't always fair.