Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ultimate anyone?

So. just had the annual mandatory fun, resident's retreat at Fire Island and realized it has been so long since I played ultimate frisbee, I am SO sore... the last time I played ultimate was in 1999 when I went to Dublin for the first time, ended up tearing my hamstring and got a massive bruise.. No such luck this time. Now I am resolving to keep myself in better physical fitness, but alas, my frisbee got eaten by Dan Waxman's dog, URSA, or as we like to call her, MRSA. And the last sporting goods store I went to all the frisbees were sold out... but, NO shortage of useless Yankees, Mets, or Jets gear... I mean c'mon, it's not even football season!!!!

So, if anyone reads this and is in New York and knows of an ultimate team for out of shape medical residents, well sign me up. But I will need a frisbee. and lots of ice packs. I found one in Brooklyn... anyone down for that?

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