Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Totally random, and slightly inspired by the best weblogs of 2008 announced recently in Austin at sxsw (which legitimizes the growing LOL language practiced widely throughout the world with the inclusion of the "I can has cheezburger.com" blog as best photoblog).

My personal prediction, since I suck at picking teams for tournaments like march madness, is that stuff white people like is going to win a bloggie next year.

If you are ever bored, having a hard time coming up with an exciting morning case, have writer's block, or are stuck in a hotel room in Tokyo doing a whiskey ad promotion and want to learn a random thing about the world, log into blogger, go to that link for the next blog on the upper left corner, and just randomly read other people's blogs. I ran into this great one about a banker who doesn't balance his checkbook, in his words,

"Balancing Checkbooks is or are the random thoughts of a commercial banker who has never balanced his checkbook in over thirty years. This is something I should be doing regularly but life seems to interrupt me so often. As I said, life interrupts me so don't look for a posting every day."

He also had some things to say about residents and hospitals...

"Friday was the first time that I have been seen by a male oncology resident. I think the doctor needs to tone down his vocabulary somewhat. I don’t think that using terms like “fantastic” and “great” are necessarily the best choices when commenting on patient reactions to the medication.

I also think the young residents need to get a better grip on the time – space continuum concept. The resident said he would step for five minutes while he reviewed my file with the attending physician. Most of the other residents have had a poor concept of how much time would be necessary for a consultation with their supervising physician.

The resident returned twenty five minutes later."

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