Friday, April 11, 2008

Drums Along the Hudson

I got into a discussion on the attractiveness and natural beauty of cities and their occupants the other day, and the conclusion was that people in Europe are less uptight, and the cities are more beautiful, partly because their architecture is more historic.

However, I have to reconsider this, especially for example when riding the N, Q, R, B or D trains across the Manhattan bridge at dusk/dawn, that New York's beauty is mostly evident at night when the city is lit up, particularly from the water or in it's skyline views. The fact that NYC is surrounded by water should also theoretically make it a beautiful city for me, a California guy raised near the ocean.

In 2009, we are coming upon the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson sailing up the Hudson river. I am going to make an effort to list all estuarine or river related activities in NYC, and make a resolution to attend some of them in the coming year.

Prime among these as a source of information is the Hudson River Park Trust.

I have NOT been to any of the following venues, that's why they are here. Actually, this is a great idea for a Meetup Group- nautical themed activities in NYC...

6th Annual Drums Along the Hudson Native American Festival and Shad Fest
Saturday, May 3, 2008 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Inwood.

400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson
A listing of events to celebrate the 400th Anniversary, including a kayak trip between Quebec and Manhattan
A Dutch group which is participating in a transatlantic sailing race and the 2009 festivities.

Music on a barge in the east river
"River Rocks" at Hudson Piers

"River Flicks" at Hudson Piers

Running/Cycling/Rollerblading on the west side highway/FDR
Kayaking: free kayaking near west side highway at the Downtown Boathouse
Tennis: courts at West Side Highway

Schooners Adirondack and Imagine

The Boat Basin
The Ear Inn
Gigino at Wagner Park
Older (2005) listing of urban beach bars/dining

Downtown heliport with tours between $ 119-275 per person.

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