Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sun Sea Surf and Serious?

The title of this blog is supposed to remind me of my blissful days when all that mattered was paddling out to a breaking set and getting hammered by breakers pounding the shore. In life so many things seem like breakers pounding us.. threatening to drive our efforts at making things better into the rocks. When viewed this way, life seems too serious, too much captured in the vortex of energy that occurs at the shoreline. The shoreline offers much besides, and closing my eyes, I try to remember sitting in the wet sand, letting my feet be washed by the water and the warm sun beating down on me and the cool taste of a pina colada... is there only seriousness to be had at the vortex? Or does the vortex of sun, sea and surf offer misty spray? Delights of dolphins? Children playing in the sun? Frisbees and beach blankets?

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