Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas Time!I managed to catch this shot of some buskers playing some music at the top of Grafton Street, with the Christmas Tree.

Then, while walking to my favorite cycle shop to pick up my bike with the broken spokes, I ran into a strange man who was promoting the idea that condoms are not what they seem to be. Rightly so, I suppose, as there was a recent condom scare in Dublin, in which several thousand fake condoms were distributed and sold in shops! More information available at Irish Medicines Board. Anyways, I escaped unscathed and the bike shop didn't even charge me for the repair! I think this is because I called my favorite Spanish bike mechanic "The Man", and he said not even his mother called him that. That made my day. Anyways, the exam results from peds, obs and psych come out tomorrow. Man I am sweating it! Ran into two people from the class walking across town, evidently the day to be out shopping for Christmas! Which reminds me...

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