Thursday, December 01, 2005

results are in

Got the word today, passed peds, obs and psych. Had the ex-president of the Irish Medical Council in my Peds exam, and faced both external examiners in the Obs exam, one from Trinity and one from Dundee, so it means something to have passed these last ones, not easy were they (couldn't have said it better if I was Yoda). Now just have to pack the old bags and am off to Minnesota for an elective in Critical Care, with trips to Michigan for interviews. Called round to Mick's gaff tonight and saw his pics of him laying the wreath at his grand-uncle Patrick Kavanagh's grave in Monaghan, very feckin cool. Heard interesting stories from Daran about the Jameson Distillery where he is now working, evidently they allow a free bottle of the stuff every two weeks. If a bottle of whiskey is 30 units of alcohol, that just about does it for your alcohol for life if you work there. Today was World AIDS day, so I guess my post about the condoms previously should be taken to heart! Went to an HIV/AIDS conference earlier this year sponsored by Bill Powderley in the Mater and it was staggering to hear what the global burden of this epidemic is, particularly in Africa.

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