Friday, January 06, 2006

Back from Saginaw

Went to Saginaw Michigan for an interview, stopped in Grand Rapids to say hello to my cousin Marie Claire and Victor. Saginaw is the home of Dow Chemical... and not too much else. But the interview was cool, I had a chance to sing the fight song of UC Davis, of which all I know is the first line, which is "We are sons of California...", and all the campuses use the same song, but I think there are some particular Aggie/Mustang lyrics in there. Thats random, but I have never been asked to sing a song in an interview before. The other thing I was asked was who my favorite superhero was. I did some research the night before and I was going to say Finn Mc Cool who ate the Salmon of Knowledge, but figured what with the toxicity of the Saginaw River I didn't want to go there.

The Saginaw ED is cool, they have a great program run by the president elect of CORD, and their ED is on the cover of ED Design Guide put out by AAEM. They even have a toy train in the pediatric procedure room, and each pediatric room has a fish tank! Not Level 1 Trauma, but they do have most every specialty, and one of the hospitals does site directed TPA for stroke. Seems like a good place to learn.

Drove across from Wisconsin via Chicago, Michigan is an empty state. Lots of flags at half mast, still, since I was there a month ago in Detroit, apparently this is because there are a lot of troops serving from Michigan who are quite young.

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