Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Back in Dublin

Ok So I am back in Dublin and I have been back for like three weeks. It's nice being back in the hospitals, mostly, as in this picture, we medical students run around trying to find tutorials and read books and attend lectures that only half the time occur when or where they are suppposed to. Basically, its pretty stressful because you go in every day and you never know whether you are going to learn a lot or not. Some days you just want to stay at home and read, especially when you go in one day and only half your lecturers show up and half of the ones that do show up are a pile of crap. We are supposedly attached to teams but everyone is so busy that we dont really have any real responsibilities on the team. Its a pile of crap and its difficult to keep a good attitude. Anyways, apart from that, I met this girl on myspace who came to Dublin and she's pretty neat, I like her a lot, she lives in New York and I have been talking to her on skype, she's cool.

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Toby said...

Nice picture, but there's a severe lack of, well, me in it. Innit?