Tuesday, November 28, 2006

pushing paper and drugs

How come no one on Grey's Anatomy or scrubs ever has to write a chart? Or wait on hold on the phone? How come they never show the nurse saying, please put that order in the computer? Or, here is the form for that? Or, you have to fill out this paper to bring this patient to the CT? Or, no, you can't have that medication without filling out this form. How come when Dr. Mc Dreamy says, Did the patient get an MRI no one hands the intern ten papers to fill out to get the MRI, the MRI is magically done? Yes, we do see the doctors pushing the patients down the hallway, but do we see them doing their real job, which appears to be pushing paper?

At home, my mom asks me... do you know who the interns are on this show? Do you know the story? Grrrrr. Don't spoil it for me mom, if you talk during the show I won't know what happens at the end... I am waiting with baited breath for the paper pushing doctor to appear.

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